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The challenge

Paragon came to White October with a common problem – an ageing website that was hard to maintain and built around internal structures rather than the needs of the people who used it.

So together we set about shaping a clearer, more intuitive site, with every page reflecting Paragon’s commitment to building positive relations with residents.

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Our approach

We began by listening to a range of Paragon residents, using what we heard to help set objectives for the site. And we tested our ideas on residents right from the start.

The result is a fully responsive site, built with mobile in mind, which makes it easier than ever for residents to find support and information. And it’s set staff thinking about how they can promote and deliver more services digitally too.

Paragon housing development page
Paragon housing development page

White October was really interested to understand how our internal processes work, how we wanted to be seen and how we wanted our residents to be involved in what we do.

Hannah Elford

Design & Communications Manager, Paragon



  • Web design
  • User experience designers


  • Drupal

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